New | March 23, 2017
Local Natives share cover of Fleetwod Mac’s “Tusk”

local natives fleetwood mac

“Tusk” is a trance song, in all its forms. It’s a song about fixation, the hunt for emotional desire. Consider where the original version hails from, a band of beautiful, young lithe men and women who all love each other, want each other, obsess over each other and work together. The stories about Fleetwood Mac are legendary source material for some of the best, most searing and incisive music ever made. Local Natives very much gets it and this slinkier rendition harkens well. It meanders, simmering until it builds up by breaking down. It’s ephemeral and radiant while still drugged and sluggish, just like how those feelings can get you.

The track comes courtesy of the new show Music Happens Here and its proof positive that the title applies not only geographically, but across time and space as well. A universal language in the truest sense.