| April 17, 2013
Florence and the Machine – Over The Love


“Over The Love,” Florence Welch’s original contribution to the Great Gatsby soundtrack, is a persona piece from the point of view of Daisy Buchanan, but perhaps this iconically languorous American lady-figure wasn’t so much of a stretch for Flo to imagine – “I sang by the piano,” she wails, “tore my yellow dresses, and I cried, and I cried, and I cried.”

Over a slow thump of a beat and an even, pulsing piano, “Over The Love” builds in those familiar string epiphanies and howling tribal harmonies, all of it carried by Florence’s unhinged wail. The overtly literary song ends with a brief, witchy chant that mirrors F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous ending – “I can see the green light, I can see it in your eyes” – and then suddenly, in a mercurial flash befitting flappers and sorceresses alike, Florence is gone. Stream this track below.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack – packed to its glittery gills with all-star tracks including the Beyoncé/André 3000 cover of “Back To Black,” Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” and the ideal wild-card throwback of Gotye’s 2007 “Hearts A Mess” – is out May 6th on Interscope.