| May 30, 2012
Flosstradamus – Look At The Sky (Ft. Deniro Farrar)

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to much hip-hop, and even longer since I’ve put trap music on, but Flosstradamus’ new track is breaking the streak.  J2K and Curt have been building a nice little comeback after their successes of what feels like forever ago, and they’re doing so by riding the trap wave.  This song samples Opus III’s “Fine Day”  and layers the beautiful vocals over light synths and a simple trap snare. Somehow the combination of slowed down trance and trap works perfectly.  The song also features Charlotte, NC based rapper Deniro Farrar, who does a great job of not rapping about ridiculous shit, which is a serious accomplishment these days.

MP3: Flosstradamus – “Look At The Sky (Ft. Deniro Farrar)”

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