New | April 25, 2016
Flume – Say It (Ft. Tove Lo)

Electronic pop will be forever safe now that Americans have been decisively dethroned as its cultural gatekeepers. Here we have a Swede we love, Tove Lo and an Australian we adore, Flumesaying it all with such vim.  Americans are supposedly adept at diplomacy, but that’s because everyone else relents and lets them win. “Say It” is a real attempt at glasnost, which translates to openness. Look what happens when the “others” come together, Flume composes and orchestrates some magically light, glinting yet gloomy beats; then Tove Lo pipes up and croons, desperately yet ecstatically. Honesty and openness are radically simple yet major keys to better relationships. Real collaboration is a key component of diplomacy but also the future of electronic pop. Keep it real.