| November 2, 2012
Fort Lean – All The Lights

That wily she-devil Sandy spared my internet and power but somehow struck down my heating system, so it’s a good thing I’ve got ATG New Noise alums Fort Lean to keep me warm with their new single, “All The Lights.” The track opens like the calm before a sleepless night, an innocuous-seeming nostalgia creeping in through the still night to lighten your heavy eyelids. Frontman Keenan Mitchell’s vocals gradually go from comfortably numb to urgently heartfelt; before you know it you’re tossing and turning and feeling your grasp on sleep — your chance to fade into a picture-perfect dreamworld — slowly slip away. He cries out with an increasing sense of urgency, “When all the lights come on at once / Wanna be there to see ’em,” and when the sun rises, you’ll be there to see it.

And when all the power comes back at once, Fort Lean hopes you’ll be there to see ’em. New Yorkers can catch the Brooklynites this Monday at Mercury Lounge with TV Baby. Grab your tickets here. And mark your calendars for November 13 when they drop their new EP, Change Your Name.

STREAM: Fort Lean – “All The Lights”