| December 7, 2011
Fort Lean – Beach Holiday

In some ways, it’s difficult to write about the video for a song called “Beach Holiday” exactly 24 hours after returning to rainy DC from a sunny weekend in Miami. In more ways, though, it’s easy, because this song is exactly what I need: holding on to life-affirming memories — not desperately, but revitalizingly — like there’s always a beach holiday deep inside us that no one can take away, or whatever.

Fort Lean is catching more than just the fish they sing about here, like some major post-CMJ buzz as they blast through the glass ceiling that hangs over Brooklyn And Its Bands. This video lives up to the hype. What could possibly be more — or less — Brooklyn than a bunch of sweaty dudes serving Italian deli meats while lusting after midriff-baring, towel-accessorizing bikini babes? No expression, just ecstasy. What a beach holiday.

STREAM: Fort Lean – “Beach Holiday”

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