| February 7, 2012
Fort Lean – Sunsick

fort lean

Fort Lean is everything I want to be. Seriously. Vocalist Keenan Mitchell showed up at our New Noise showcase on Saturday draped in denim, fur, and locks so blonde he must have just returned from a three-month vacation to the solar chromosphere. Further supporting this theory: mere moments after leaving DC (Sunday doesn’t count considering I barely left my bed), they drop a new track for the masses called “Sunsick.” You don’t have to see them live to feel the cosmically radioactive energy each band member packs into this kickflip of a song—drummer Sam Ubl is effectively challenging every one of his contemporaries to a drumoff here—leaving me no choice but to conclude the whole band has actually found a way to harness the power of the sun in everything they do. All I could possibly have to ask: next time you boys take off on a tour de la galaxie, bring me with you? I’ll bring denim and fur.

MP3: Fort Lean – “Sunsick”

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