| April 17, 2013
Foxes – Beauty Queen

London pop songstress Louisa Rose Allen, better known around these parts as Foxes, is at it again with her latest track, “Beauty Queen.” Though the steady electronic beat she prefers still drives this tune, it takes more of a backseat here, making way for a lightly tapped piano, swaying violins and Allen’s haunting croon. A thirty second clip from 90s classic “Drop Dead Fred” strongly questioning the validity of fairy tale endings (“What a pile of sh–“) sets the stage for the song’s take-down of traditional standards of beauty. As clips from old and new beauty pageants play on amid snippets of classic movies, Allen laments, “Oh beauty queen/ something’s telling me/ that you were never meant to be/ trapped in time.” Both video and song are stunning bits of commentary along with being finely crafted work, and they show that while Foxes has serious chops when it comes to catchy hooks, she’s definitely no paper-thin pop star.

STREAM: Foxes – Beauty Queen

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