Interview | April 1, 2016
Frankly Speaking with Frankie Cosmos: An Interview


While Greta Kline has changed her stage name several times, her sound remains true to her NYC DIY scene roots.  Frankie Cosmos new LP “Next Thing” is out today on Bayonet Records. A full length album is a necessary addition to 2015’s EP Fit Me In and 2014’s Zentropy. The band, backed by Aaron Maine (of Porches), David Maine and Gabrielle Smith (of Eskimeaux), just returned from SXSW and is now touring the East Coast. We had the pleasure of chatting with Greta Kline about touring, dogs, and the impending 2016 Presidential election.


What’s your favorite track off of Eskimeaux’s new release, Year of the Rabbit?

I think Bulldog is my favorite. Truly, only.


What’s the process like for naming your songs?

Sometimes I just pick an obvious way to call the song out to my band, something that makes it easy to remember what song it is. But sometimes the title is part of the songwriting process, like naming a poem. For example, when we play On The Lips live, I tell my band to play “David Blaine” because it’s easier for them to remember (because “On The Lips” is never said in the song). But the title is a part of that song for me, because it answers a question I ask within the song.



Favorite place to get Korean food?



Which hip hop artist would you choose to cover Zentropy?



How has your sound evolved from Fit Me In to Next Thing?

Both releases are playing with new kinds of recording/sounds for me, so I don’t think one is more evolved than another. They’re just really different sounds from anything else I have put out so far.



Are there any venues you wouldn’t want to play again?

Nah, I’d probably give any venue a second chance if I had to.


After coming home from a tour, what’s the second thought you have?

“How am I gonna finish all these songs I started writing on tour?”


If you could have an animal perform with you, which would you choose?

Joejoe, my childhood dog. Certain dissonant chords used to make him sing really beautifully! You can see him doing it in the last few seconds of this music video…


You recently performed at a Bernie Sanders rally, how do you feel about expressing yourself politically versus expressing yourself musically?

I kind of prefer to not make a lot of political statements because I don’t see myself as a “public figure”…I just want to write songs and hide…and the songs that I write and put out there are about as much of myself as I’m willing to give at this point in my life. But it’s pretty obvious who I’m voting for, and our whole band was down to show our support in that way.