| October 7, 2013
French Horn Rebellion – Caaalifornia (Ft. Ghost Beach)


When I first started looking at potential colleges as a junior in high school, my parents gave me one rule: absolutely no California schools. Their reasoning was that, if I ended up going to a school in the Golden State, I would never come home, and they weren’t necessarily wrong. Most of my friends who attended California schools — including best bud and ATG writer Nicole — have stayed there, and for good reason: sunshine, babes, and avocados.

Clearly my parents weren’t alone. Our good friends French Horn Rebellion and Ghost Beach share their sentiments, and they’ve expressed their longing through their new track “Caaalifornia.” In FHR’s words, the ‘Next Jack Swing’ track “goes out to all our friends who ventured to the best coast looking for an endless summer of surfing and tacos.” So, as we prep for sweater weather and early sunsets over here on the East Coast, lets make sure to send “Caaalifornia” over to our left coast brethren to let them know we’re thinking about them — and that we’re immeasurably jealous of their tanlines.

STREAM: French Horn Rebellion – “Caaalifornia (Ft. Ghost Beach)”