| October 1, 2012
Fryars – Love So Cold

Digital crooners are a dime a dozen these days, but Fryars finds a way to stand out with his new single, “Love So Cold.” NĂ© Ben Garrett, the London singer-songwriter pushes the track to riskier places than most using dubby fills, skittering background noises, and vocoder breakdowns. Fryars has been popping up with the occasional track since The Ides EP was released in 2007 and has put together a pretty impressive resume since, receiving writing and production credits on Mika’s album The Origin of Love and enlisting backup-vocal help from Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan on his song “Visitors.”

While earlier tracks like “Chocolate” and “The Ides” showed heavy Joy Division and Bowie influences with their mix of electro-pop and baroque keyboard lines, “Love So Cold” leans on a minimalist piano riff and a mellow drum beat to emphasize the longing essence of the track, all the while allowing for the listener to get lost and nod along to a song that, deep down, has a pretty great groove to it. There is a new Fryars LP in the works, but for now, enjoy this one-off internet release.

MP3: Fryars – “Love So Cold”