| March 17, 2011
Get Educated With Jerry:
Robin Trower

I am incorrigibly a ’70s guy at heart. The music I return to over and over is the same stuff I played on my 8-track, in my Dodge Challenger with the two door speakers and the two huge rear speakers that used the trunk for reverb. It was like driving inside the speakers. Cruising at night or parking for a smoke at Buzz’s corner, it was usually Jethro Tull, Genesis or Robin Trower. Trower was the lead guitarist for Procol Harum. But he liked to channel Jimi Hendrix too much and left the group to found his own with vocals by James Dewar. It’s blues rock and the albums from 1974-78 are part of my deep memory core. My hope is that by the time I don’t even remember my name, I’ll still have these rolling through my brain. The two offerings here are from the ’74 Bridge of Sighs album. Warning note: This is really 70’s stuff so expect the expected…

MP3: Robin Trower – “Bridge Of Sighs”
MP3: Robin Trower – “Too Rolling Stoned”