| February 7, 2012
Ghost Beach – Too Young

For those of you keeping score at home, this is Ghost Beach’s third appearance on ATG (here are one and two for those of you who have not—tsk tsk), confirming their status as what our good friends over at Neon Gold Records have labeled “NYC’s next big things” and reconfirming our own recent poetic waxing sessions. Even if Ghost Beach hadn’t already been wowing electropop fans from Bushwick to Adams Morgan, the duo’s new single “Too Young” exudes the effervescent, youthful sound that is all the evidence we could ever need: with a sound as fresh as a new suit and warm from soaking up the sun on some tropical yacht party, the group also manages to embody a mature composure that isn’t showing any signs of faltering.

This week we’re lucky enough to be hosting Ghost Beach at All Things Gold 007 along with a few of our other favorites, Summer Camp and Gigamesh. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets for this (probably the same of you who missed out on our previous references—come on you guys!) you can still do so HERE. We’re too young for a lot of things—financial independence (sorry Mom and Dad), all-you-can-eat early-bird buffets (actually…?), sponge baths (#40)—but a consistent source of excellent, danceable, accessible jams and a sick U Hall party at which to enjoy them? Let’s hope that’s a phase we’ll never outgrow.

MP3: Ghost Beach – “Too Young”