| April 19, 2013
Gnarwolves – Fun Club EP


Meet Gnarwolves, a trio of fun-loving skater punks from Cornwall. Now based in Brighton, Gnarwolves have breathed new life into pop-punk with their mish-mash brand of skate punk, punk rock, hardcore, and emo, minus the straightened hair and theatrics. Constantly playing shows, it is no surprise why the band has been taking the UK by storm — these guys are the real deal. Their music is emotive, melodic, bright, oozing with passion and so much fucking fun to listen to. Think Brand New (keep an ear out for those vocal harmonies) meets Dune Rats meets Dookie/Insomniac-era Green Day.

Their debut EP, Fun Club, originally released on December 1st, 2011 on cassette, is getting reissued on two 7” records via Dog Knights Productions. The first 7” will contain the EP and the second will house a slew of covers that may as well double as a list of their influences: Converge’s “When Eagles Become Vultures,” Green Day’s “Basket Case,” Black Flag’s “Gimme Gimme” and AFI’s “The Boy Who Destroyed the World.” Although the reissue was released on February 4th, the records have yet to get shipped out due to pressing delays. Pick up your digital copy here or order here.

STREAM: Gnarwolves – Fun Club EP