| December 13, 2011
Good Old War – Calling Me Names

It’s about that time of the year for some new Good Old War. The indie-folk outfit and long-time ATG favorites are back with “Calling Me Names,” the first single off their upcoming third full-length, Come Back As Rain. The track doesn’t stray too far from the band’s usual formula of bright acoustic guitars and impeccable harmonizing (although the electric guitar and female backing vocals are nice new touches). The production, however, is the best to come from the group yet; though the use of acoustic guitars doesn’t come as a surprise, they sound fuller than ever before. Should we expect more like this on the album? Guitarist Dan Schwartz tells Paste, “When we play live, it’s really natural and energetic and in your face. With the new record we’ve found a way to capture that live feel like never before. So even though this one’s got some heavier material, there’s still something upbeat and joyous there.” Don’t know if that answers the question, but it all sounds good to me. Come Back As Rain comes out March 6, 2012 on Sargent House.

MP3: Good Old War – “Calling Me Names”