| September 11, 2008
Good Old War

There once was a band called Days Away that was signed to a little label called Fueled By Ramen.  Days Away crafted some of the most beautiful, progressive music that could be found in the label’s catalog, especially when compared to its overwhelmingly pop-punk roster.  The band managed to do so while maintaining a certain pop sensibility that didn’t draw away from the fine musicianship they put into their music.

Days Away has since disbanded, but a few members of the band have stayed together to make new music under the name Good Old War.  Good Old War is made up of vocalist/guitarist Keith Goodwin (who also contributed to the Sound of Animals Fighting’s sophomore release, Lover, The Lord Has Left Us), guitarist Dan Schwartz (who was not part of Days Away), and drummer Tim Arnold.  If you weren’t able to put the pieces together by the end of that sentence, the band name is an amalgamation of those three’s last names — nifty!  Anyways, Good Old War’s music doesn’t quite take the same, full-band approach as Days Away.  Instead, their music is much more stripped down and could be classified as folk or acoustic.  But that’s too plain of a description — throughout their debut album, Only Way to Be Alone, they craft various types of songs, some rather poppy, some which sound like Simon and Garfunkel could have written them, and some that border on the bluesy side.

If you were a fan of Days Away, then you’ll enjoy this.  If you’re just a fan of traditional or indie folk music, then perhaps you’ll like this too.  Ultimately, I think Good Old War is a lot more accessible than Days Away (my mom’s a fan), so I’m pretty sure that you can’t not like this stuff.

MP3: Good Old War – Coney Island

MP3: Good Old War – Looking for Shelter

– Adrian

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