Video | October 6, 2017
Grant Earl LaValley delivers dark imagery in “Where Are All My Friends”

Grant Earl LaValley
Led by psychedelic flashbacks in a stop-motion style, Grant Earl LaValley is sharing his latest video for “Where Are All My Friends”. The Joshua Tree-based musician has clear influence from the desert, with a smooth twang and existential tones that one develops after years of staring into pure night skies. What we find in the middle is a festival of color and dance that reflect a certain dread. Watch below.

His debut record, From LaValley Below is out October 13th on Exit Stencil Recordings. Stay tuned.

On the new video, Grant Earl LaValley writes “In the music video for “Where Are All My Friends,” you will find the same story as the song. Close your eyes and picture this. Now, open your eyes so you can keep reading… You are having a very pleasant psychedelic evening at a bonfire with all your best friends, they decide to go out on a desert night hike. You, however, decide to stay by yourself at the fire, and as the acid starts to kick harder so do the shrooms. A thick dark yearning and lonesome anxiety begin to grab ahold of you. You want to go find your friends, but your bad trip is sending you in a paralyzing downward spiral. Your only thought is that you are missing out on all the adventures your moon child friends are having at the most magical, spiritual psychedelic dance party ever imaginable.”