| July 19, 2012
Greeen Linez – Hibiscus Pacific

Yacht funk meets balearica in Greeen Linez’ swanky daytime disco production “Hibiscus Pacific”. Greeen Linez is a collaboration between Christopher Greenberg (a member of Hong Kong in the 60s) and Matt Lyne (A Taut Line), residents of Cambridge and Tokyo respectively. If you aren’t well-versed in the “yacht funk” genre, that may be because there only seem to be a handful of artists recording in it right now, most notably Binary favorite Hemingway. It’s basically what it sounds like: groovy, funky high-class elevator music with roots in ’70s soft rock and sharp, modern production. Greeen Linez keeps this budding genre fresh and fascinating; where the “drop” might come in a typical techno song, the duo instead busts out a delightfully dinky Wurlitzer-esque piano fill.

You can watch the strangely sexual retro-futuristic video for “Hibiscus Pacific” above. The track is part of Greeen Linez’ debut album Things That Fade, released in Japan last week on Diskotopia. International digital release slated for August 13th.

STREAM: Greeen Linez – “Hibiscus Pacific”