Video | January 20, 2016
Grimes – Kill V. Maim

Where to even begin? Grimes has had a pretty big year. Art Angels was a critical darling of 2015 and “Kill V. Maim” — her personal favorite song on the album, written from the perspective of Al Pacino in The Godfather as a gender-bending, time-traveling vampire — earned the top spot on TIME’s best 15 tracks of last year.

Her new video for the track is a bloody, dance-y romp through some kind of underground transit system in which Grimes and her post-apocalyptic vampire posse bite some necks, shoot some arrows and wear ski goggles, an insane perm and technicolor angel wings as street-wear. It’s fun and scary and powerful in an unconventional way, just like the track itself (and the artist who made it). If I was willing to utter the words “squad goals”, this would be them.