| January 9, 2013
Haim – Falling

HAIM‘s knack for quality control is getting borderline unnerving. Fresh on the heels of being named the BBC’s Sound of 2013, the girls unveiled another piece of next-level indiepop in a live studio performance, extending an unbroken streak of awesome that began last summer with their debut single “Forever.” The video for “Falling,” shot in Maida Vale studios, showcases the group’s “live energy, tight sound, and badass guitar work.” It also deftly captures the unique interplay between Dash Hutton’s propulsive drumming and the sisters’ melodic handiwork. The Haims, all drummers themselves, bring a rhythmic approach to their instrumental and vocal parts, weaving harmonies into Hutton’s continuous cascade of muffled drumrolls to produce a mosaic of percussive pop. It’s a weird wall of sound assembled from minimal, understated parts that tickles the brain in a funny way, helping to keep the band’s forays into retro genres from devolving into kitsch. Considering “Falling” is HAIM’s sixth consecutive single-quality song, I think we can safely expect a debut album that’s short on filler.

In the meantime, you can grab HAIM’s Forever EP and “Don’t Save Me” single, both out now on Columbia.

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