Video | July 12, 2017
Hak Baker reflects on his neighborhood in “Conundrum”

Hak Baker 1

Hak Baker, of famed grime collective B.O.M.B. Squad, has released a new video for his latest track, “Conundrum.” Like the song itself, the video is a deceptively heartwarming bit of nostalgia for a rather chilly East London childhood. Baker sings of selling weed and “running from the old Billy and their truncheons / No, we don’t trust ’em” (that’s British for “fuck the police”). All nostalgia is, to some degree, an escapist fantasy; in this case, it’s a literal one. Baker makes a getaway astride a motorcycle rather than – as he did in real life – going to prison. Not a conundrum so much as a revision, it’s lovely (as he half-grins in the back of the car) nonetheless. Watch below.