Video | November 13, 2017
Tonight it’s a Food Fight: Harry Styles gets messy for “Kiwi”

Harry Styles

As if to remind us that he is, indeed, cooler than his former boy bandmates, it has been less than a month after Niall‘s limp all-acoustic Flicker, but Harry Styles1Ders’ Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne became fathers a few months before the album’s release date.

Also fun is the Us-directed effort that features Beau Gadsdon (the young version of Felicity Jones’ character in the beginning of Rogue One) causing a ruckus in the cafeteria of a leftover Rushmore backlot. Cupcakes are crushed, thrown and lot of preppy uniforms get soiled by the time Styles comes to rescue holding a dog and wearing an Austin Powers uniform crossed with Jackson Pollack’s idea of a floral. Gadsdon, in an androgynous gesture, is given Harry Styles’ old haircut and, for what it’s worth, Styles was in a war movie last year. But no bad blood, just frosting this time.


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