| September 17, 2012
Hatchback – The Violet Sequence (The Beat Broker’s Winter Beard Dub)

Japan’s Catune records, who released Windsurf’s Weird Energy EP earlier this year, delve deeper into the San Francisco electro scene with a new compilation of remixes by Ryan Bishop, also known as the Beat Broker. Bishop was raised in Southern California and worked at a local college radio station before linking up with Dream Chimney, a website dedicated to obscure and wonderful disco, jazz and funk music. Since then, he has co-founded a DJ and production outfit called Broker/Dealer and collaborated frequently under his Beat Broker moniker with fellow Dream Chimney contributors Hatchback and the Sorcerer (who together form Windsurf).

Catune’s Beat Broker compilation, Nice To Mix You, is great from start to finish. Highlights include an upbeat remix of talented Mexican group Marbeya Sound and a previously unreleased dub of Hatchback’s seriously cosmic track “The Violet Sequence,” which you can stream below. Nice To Mix You ships September 28th, but you can pre-order here now for the low, low price of 2,300 Yen.

STREAM: Hatchback – “The Violet Sequence (The Beat Broker’s Winter Beard Dub)”