| May 10, 2012
Headliners: Beastie Boys Album Sales Skyrocket

Billboard: Beastie Boys album sales surge over 1,000% in the week following MCA’s death.

CNN: Obama supports same-sex marriage. A way bigger deal than Beastie Boys sales bump, but we’re a music site…

Pitchfork: Azealia Banks re-schedules album release, but announces new mixtape and single out this Friday.

NME: The Village People’s Policeman wins landmark royalties suit. Insert funny law and order pun here.

DMN: Facebook and Grooveshark officially part ways. I’m OK with that as long as Spotify is still in on the Facebook party.

Stereogum: Famed Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich has started a band. The bar is set incredibly high.

HuffPo: Alan McGee may be returning to music. Or at least the industry that surrounds music.

PMA: Spring Music Review is in. Part 2. Featured on that list is a new one from Best Coast.

STREAM: Best Coast – “The Only Place”

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