| November 14, 2011
Headliners: New Frank Ocean Tracks

P4k: Watch Frank Ocean perform new songs “Disillusioned” and “Real Love” live.

Buzzfeed: Jimmy Fallon’s greatest musical contribution is now his remix of the Reading Rainbow theme song, sung as Jim Morrison.

Drinkify: COOL THING ALERT: Enter what you’re listening to and get a drink suggestion.

Stereogum: Black Sabath reunites!

WaPo: Gunshots fired near the White House—fortunately the First Family was out of town.

Billboard: Childish Gambino admits: “J. Cole and Drake are way cooler than me.”

SI: Welcome back Wilson Ramos! How was Venezuela?

WhatABarber: Trying to decide what’s the weirdest request on Drake’s list of show dressing room demands.

Politico: Putin’s new ad campaign features house music and sex in the voting booth.

Pondly: Irina Werning’s Back To The Future 2 photo series is kind of a mind f*ck.

TMZ: Julez Santana arrested for making terrorist threats. Dipset Taliban?

NYDailyNews: Katy Perry releases the video for her sixth single from her double-platinum album Teenage Dream.

Leslie Feist’s new single “How Come You Never Go There” gets the Clock Opera remix treatment:

STREAM: Feist – “How Come You Never Go There (Clock Opera Remix)”

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