New | June 22, 2017
Hercules & Love Affair join Sharon Van Etten on “Omnion”

Herculese & Love Affair

“Omnion” could be described as a cry for help, after all the chorus is quite literally that, as Sharon Van Etten implores ‘can you help’ to “Omnion,” or whoever the song is addressed to. But the song itself is too subdued and intimate to be a cry. Van Etten’s vocals sound confident in their intimacy, making the song seem more like a request for help. This is no doubt aided by the triumph of Andy Butler’s synths in the chorus, which make the “can you help” feel comforting.

The lyrics acknowledge both uncertainty and the help of a community as necessities for survival, causing “Omnion” to play out in an existential fashion. The song seeks to find solidarity and acceptance in a “perfectly imperfect” place, while at the same time warmly embracing it. Listen below.