| December 16, 2013
Hibou – Hide Away


Hibou (that’s “ee-boo”, the French word for owl) is Seattle’s Peter Michel, the craftsman of the sound he calls “ethereal surf poppy love.” Though Michel is joined by a handful of bandmates for live shows, he is the one primarily responsible for Hibou’s latest, “Hide Away,” a track that lives up to Michel’s description on all fronts.

More than its expected fitting of self-imposed labels, “Hide Away” represents a musical journey through the decades since surf pop’s inception in the 60s. It begins with a guitar effect that sounds very “Surfin’ U.S.A.,” backed by a drumbeat that would have sounded comfortable in the 80s and early 90s. “Hide Away” is topped with some sparse, quiet moments, reminiscent of the huge contrasts heard in some of the larger works by folk-inspired bands of today.

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STREAM: Hibou — “Hide Away”

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