New | August 15, 2017
Hinds bring a good time with “Caribbean Moon”

Hinds 1

Hinds’ music is undeniably fun. The band’s sound takes the harmonies and vocals of classic girl groups and repurposes them, running them through a burnt out haze of lo fi sonics. On their newest track, the band covers “Caribbean Moon,” a 1973 song from Kevin Ayers, an English songwriter. They swap out Ayer’s woodwinds and fake patois for a summer jam that sounds like a sepia-filtered Instagram post. It’s the perfect song for the end of summer, and the band knows it. “SUMMERTIME IS FOR HOT NEW STUFF LIKE THIS SONG,” they posted with the song on Facebook. “Caribbean Moon” is another bouncing track from Hinds, released perfectly soundtrack your last vestiges of summer.

El Sueño de Benilandia, heir follow up to 2016’s Leave Me Alone, is out September 12th on Suicide Squeeze. Listen below.