New | July 19, 2016
Hiss Golden Messenger – Biloxi

There aren’t many bands like Hiss Golden Messenger. Or rather, there are, but there aren’t many that have been able to gain so much attention in the indie scene, rockabilly scene, americana scene, and folk scene all at once. Their flexibility and palatable songwriting is what has always set them apart, and “Biloxi” is a perfect representation of that tone.

Writing-wise, the song has little that differentiates it from a solid indie track from a band like Woods or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. But then there’s the steel guitar, M.C. Taylor’s gritty wails, and the fact that it is, in effect, a love song for a town in Mississippi. For those that still go to music festivals in the South, for those that never tire of a good ol’ fashioned “ooh ooh” in a song’s chorus, for those who still cherish the car CD collection for long drives and riverside stops, there’s not much better than something like “Biloxi.”