| December 23, 2013
Hudson Mohawke – Structure

LuckyMe Records are releasing a song for each day before Christmas, a musical advent calendar. Hudson Mohawke‘s “Structure” is out and it’s more satisfying than those usual weird chocolates by a long shot. All of the staples of a Hud Mo production are working here, as the song is built around a simple female vocal sample repeating, and slowly growing in intensity. He adds a cascading metronomic beat and dense layers of wobbly synths. As the song builds, each element starts to pick up and demand attention, but as is often the case with Mohawke’s work, it’s as much about the feeling of the track as it is about the musicality. In this case, the feeling is somewhere between anger and excess. It’s a perfect track to rage to when you’ve had a little too much spiked eggnog. Happy Holidays, indeed. Check it out above.