| November 10, 2011
Iggy Azalea – My World

I’ve never been a fan of white lady rappers (*cough* Kreayshawn), but Australian lady rappers? Yes please. Newcomer Iggy Azalea goes super hard in her new video for “My World” in a feminine sort of way. With completely on-point instrumentals and production, and a voice not quite as grating as her female rhymesaying predecessors, Azalea might just change my mind. Also, unlike her compatriots, Azalea nails the pretty girl swag perfectly. In recent interviews, thought, Iggy has repeatedly mentioned how much she hates being told she should be a model instead of a rapper.  Who said she has to choose?  Download her mixtape Ignorant Art here and decide for yourself.

Also, bonus points for the Deebo cameo in the video.

STREAM: Iggy Azalea – “My World”

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