| April 29, 2013
Interview: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


We had the chance to ask Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. some questions before they tore things up at the Rock and Roll Hotel here in DC last Thursday. Read what the Detroit duo had to say — including their thoughts on the new EP, 2013 so far and the lost art of trying a bow tie — after the jump.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s Patterns EP is out now on Warner Bros.

STREAM: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor)”

How are you doing on your 2013 new years resolutions so far? Have you made any progress on doing a collaboration with Aaron Neville?

We’ve played Detroit already and plan to do that more which was the most important resolution. As far as Neville goes, we’re working on some jamz that would require his expertise along with trying to work out a track for Slim from 112. We shall see.

Describe your song writing process for Patterns? Who brought what to the table?

Both of us played producer and songwriter. We also had our friend Ben West produce and engineer. We did some of it in my basement and finished it in a barn up in northern michigan.

What is your favorite song off Patterns?

It’s hard not to say “If You Didn’t See Me”. That song gets more interesting the more I listen to it. I forget sometimes how many little sound nuggets we threw into the song, so when I listen I always get surprised.

How have you guys changed as a group since It’s A Corporate World?

We have a new member (Jon Visger) for our live show. He’s also our technical expert and happens to be able to dance like early beastie boys’ videos.

Are you still recording in Daniel’s basement?

Yes. But we also hit up that barn.

What changes can we expect in your live set this time around? 

A lot more vocal FX and crazier production. We also added a crazy orb that has to be seen to understand while keeping the JRJR lights and the bubbles.

What is each of your favorite sandwich?

We don’t eat sandwiches, unless it starts with homemade gluten free bread.

Have you experienced any backlash from rabid NASCAR fans due to your band name?

Not at all. We have Dale Jr. on our side so I think that helps.

Can you tie your own bow ties?

It’s one of the lost arts of the modern gentlemen. Show me a man that can tie his own bowtie and I’ll show you a true gentlemen. Yes I can tie a bowtie and yes I can teach you if you’d like.