| February 2, 2012
Interview: Gigamesh

Gigamesh‘s physical and online presence can’t go unnoticed. In addition to being one of the tallest producers in the game, he also has held the top spot on Hype Machine’s Most Popular list with several of his remixes. Gigamesh hails from the Midwestern state of Minnesota where music icon Prince also calls home, so it’s no surprise that Gigamesh is also making a name for himself.

Gigamesh remixes have been in heavy rotation here at ATG. He demonstrates his versatility with the spectrum of tracks he’s covered – everything from Foster the People to Citizens! to Katy B. He demonstrates his abilities as a producer by turning all of them into dance floor hits. Basically the man has great taste and it shows. In addition to being a great remixer, Gigamesh has also put his creativity into producing original tracks, some of which were released as part of a self-titled EP late last year.

I had the fantastical opportunity to ask him a few questions before he takes over All Things Gold 007. Read what he had to say after the jump.

MP3: Gigamesh – “Burnin'”

Fancy Nancy: So how tall are you?

Gigamesh: 6’4″

FN: Favorite Prince song?

G: I Would Die 4 U  …I woke up to it by chance one time in middle school (alarm clock radio) and it felt euphoric.

FN: Favorite music festival?

G: I haven’t been to some of the bigger ones, but SXSW was great.

FN: Can you tell me about how Gigamesh got started?

G: I’ve been playing around with electronic music since my early-teen years.  When I started to realize it could be a career, I eventually came up with that title and started releasing bootleg remixes.  It was something I just did for fun but has evolved into a full-time project.

FN: I read from a previous interview that the name Gigamesh came from a science fiction novel. Do you have a favorite sci-fi series or author?

G: Yes – it’s from the book A Perfect Vacuum by Stanislaw Lem.  He’s probably my favorite sci-fi author but I only really get into his more dry, academic stuff (A Perfect Vacuum is VERY dry).

FN: How has being from the Twin Cities influenced your music? What is the electronic music scene like there?

G: The Minneapolis music scene is really diverse and open to cross-genre collaborations, however I feel like it’s more of a live music city.  That’s kind of detrimental for djs, but I don’t mind it.  The benefit is there is a large pool of open-minded talent.

FN: What is your favorite remix that you’ve done so far?

G: Probably the bootleg of Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough that I made last winter — it was the most challenging because I basically recreated every layer of the original from scratch, but I learned so much from it.

FN: You’ve had the opportunity to work with artists like Mike Posner on “Cooler Than Me,” which was wildly successful. Are there any artists you’d like to work with?

G: I actually didn’t work directly with him; it was just a remix that became his single.  As for artists I’d want to work with (pipe-dream list): Active Child, Beth Gibbons, Planningtorock, Jamie Lidell, Lana Del Rey, Lee Fields, etc.  I’m into any talented singer with good taste.

FN: What kind of movie would your music be the soundtrack to?

G: Any kind – I eventually want to try scoring for films!

FN: If you had to make a “Gigamesh Essential Mix,” which artists and tracks would be on it?

G: You’ll have to wait until that happens to find out. :)

FN: Are there any djs/producers you particularly admire/look up to?

G: I think the people I look up to the most are more the studio legends from older generations — people like Nile Rodgers, Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder, Wendy Carlos, Goblin, etc.  I have huge respect for many contemporary dj/producers as well (too many to mention).

FN: What are you working on right now?

G: I’m concentrating on more Gigamesh originals at the moment but always have pop collaborations and remixes on the schedule.  I just agreed to do a remix for Punks Jump Up featuring Dave from Chromeo.  Should be fun. :)