Interview | April 1, 2014
Interview: Johnny Stimson


On Wednesday, April 2nd, All Things Go will once again be joining up with Communion DC to deliver some of the most promising up-and-coming musicians to Gypsy Sally’s. In advance of the show, we checked in with sugary pop crooner Johnny Stimson — who will share the stage with Sturgill Simpson and Pleasure Cruises — to discuss his recent success and future plans.

Tickets: Communion DC

STREAM: Johnny Stimson – “SO. GOOD.”

From the release of a number of pop singles to shout-outs on MTV’s Buzzworthy and NYLON, you’ve had a pretty busy 2013. Now with a spot on on the April Communion tour (and a handful of other dates), is it possible that 2014 will be even more Stimson-filled?

I hope so! We have tons of things we’re working on and we’re coming out of the gates full steam ahead. CHOO CHOO BABY.


You turned some heads recently through a number of exciting performances at SXSW last month. How would you describe your live performance?

The live performance has been evolving bigtime. The tadpole sort of morphed into a frog this year and I’m going to grow that into a mega Godzilla kind of thing with lasers and stuff these next few months. I suppose if I summed it up, I’d have to say it’s quite groovy. The band brings the heat and I smile a lot. People dance and get sweaty. Grandmothers spin around all willy nilly with their walkers. Grandpas raise the roof. It’s a lot of fun.


Your 2013 tour lead you through some major college towns and had you performing in front of a diverse range of audiences. Any special highlights? Any surprises?

That was a terrific time! I met so many people on the road that tour. It was really special to learn to perform with just my guitar. It makes having this band even more exciting for me. The possibilities are insane! It was pretty surprising when the A/C quit on our truck…




Your songs have been seemingly featured everywhere recently. What’s it like to hear your music being shared to millions of viewers on TV?

Wow. That is weird. I hadn’t thought of it quite that way. It’s pretty crazy! I remember seeing my name pop up on MTV when a bunch of naked people rode by on a bike parade. I lol’d, like, a huge lol.


Each of your recent singles — “SO. GOOD.,” “Human Man,” “Daddy’s Money” — have climbed to the top of the Hype Machine’s popular list. What do you think makes your music so accessible to music fans on the web?

Honestly I think that has a lot to do with two things. Incredible producers and music that is theoretically sound (pun). My producers really help create the sounds I imagine when I’m writing these things and pay careful attention to keeping those sounds exciting and relevant. The theory behind these songs is lasting. I try to build melodies and complementary chord structures that resonate with the listener the first time they hear it, then every time after that for years and years and years UNTIL FOREVER MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!


What’s next for you after the Spring tour wraps up?

Studio studio studio!! And more touring! I have some songs in the ol’ noggin that I am extremely excited about. We have big plans these next few months. Get ready!!


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