| May 14, 2012
Interview: Le Castle Vania

You gamers out there might remember the Nintendo game Castlevania where your mission was to slay vampires and other undead creatures. That was fun, wasn’t it? Well I’m not talking about that, but instead Atlanta native Dylan Eiland’s project, Le Castle Vania. What started off as a joke with some friends about creating a band after the video game stuck and now LCV is one of the most well-known electronic music producers in the game. Once upon a time Dylan might’ve been driving stakes through the hearts of the undead, but for the last twelve years he’s been destroying dance floors with his remixes and originals. I had the chance to talk to Dylan before he brings his energetic set to U Street Music Hall this Thursday for the tenth All Things Gold installment with Viceroy and Ghost Beach. Limited tickets available HERE. Full interview after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Le Castle Vania – “Radio Control Mixtape Vol.1″

Nancy Lu: You’re originally from the ATL and still throw FUCK YESSS parties. I never thought of Atlanta as a place for electronic music until I heard about you actually. How would you describe the electronic music scene there?
Dylan Eiland: Blossoming. Growing. The FUCK YESSS crowd is the most buck wild crowd on Planet Earth.

NL: I’m originally from Texas so I have a special place in my heart for dirty south rap and chopped and screwed. Are there any hip hop artists that you like/listen to?
DE: All I have to say is richforever.tumblr.com.

NL: How did you get started DJing and can you tell me about the first remix you ever did?
DE: My first remix was the one I did for my friends, they had a band called Snowden and made a remix for their song “Black Eyes”. I slapped the name Le Castle Vania on it and all of a sudden it started getting radio play and hype on blogs… and the rest is history I guess.

NL: Did you have any idea that 2009’s “Nobody Gets Out Alive” would be the mega track that it turned out to be? Would you say that it was that single that helped you get to where you are now? If not, what do you think has helped you be successful?
DE: It’s kinda hard for me to see a track as something other than it’s something I’ve made. From the inside looking out, I never really see one of my tracks as particularly more awesome or more of a mega track than another. I also don’t think any one track has boosted me or changed my success more than any other. It’s been a nice growth from all my remixes, all my originals.

NL: What do you think of the word, “bangers,” when referring to tracks?
DE: It’s an overused term. Things that don’t bang at all are called bangers. A banger is a track that hits hard and gets the crowd moving.

NL: How do you balance running your label Always Never with constantly being on tour?
DE: I mean, for me the label is just for fun. I’m just putting out my friends’ tracks and my own tracks when it fits. Maybe down the road things might get bigger, but for now it’s just putting out cool music from cool people. It’s not really a burden or a drag to do because it’s fun, you know?

NL: So what are you up to now? What can we look forward to in the future?
DE: Well I’m wrapping up my first full album, I just finished writing most of it as far as instrumental parts and vocals, we’re just about to dive in and start mixing it all and recording the last part of all the vocals. I’m also gearing up to do Identity Festival again this year, which is going to be rad. I’m really excited. Fun to have a fresh lineup, and I’m stoked to be on the bill with Nero again. They’re talented guys, I love what they do.