| July 31, 2013
Interview: Olympic Ayres


We got turned on to Australia’s Olympic Ayres after we premiered their debut track “Magic” back in June. Since them it seems the whole internet has as well. So consider us excited when we got the chance to sit down with the Sydney duo. Take a look after the jump to see what they had to say about writing, Australian nu-disco, synthesizers and more.

STREAM: Olympic Ayres – Episode III EP

You met in 2006, but didn’t start recording until 2010. Was there a lot of writing/gigging/refining in between?

It was mainly just getting to know each other and figuring out how to write songs and what direction we were going to go down. It was really sporadic and it wasn’t until 2010 our first songs come together and everything seemed to fall into place (band name etc)

Nobody in the ATG community can get “Magic” out of their heads. Did you know right away that would be the lead single?

It was always our first pick out of a bunch of songs we had for ‘Episode III’ … we showed JP around 8 songs we had as demo’s and it was his first pick as well so we kind of took that on board when deciding which song we were going to release as the first single for the new Episode

Australian Nu-disco is a well-established and beloved musical export. Any homeland heroes in the scene that you draw inspiration from/look up to?

Yeah there’s some great musical exports at the moment … in particular we love Mitzi, Panama, Clubfeet, Worlds End Press, Movement, Polographia, Lancelot & Hayden James to name a few

What did the production assistance of Jean-Paul Fung add to the recording process? 

Jean-Paul opened our minds up to working on the tracks to make them better … we did a couple days of pre-production where we just spent our time listening to the tracks and working on the structure and different parts. He would always be pushing us to do our best or change something to make it better …  he also suggested some really good Korean food which was probably the best meal we had during the recording process

There’s a lot of great live instrumentation on Episode III. What do you guys play?

It was a goal of ours to include much more live instrumentation this time around. We don’t have specific roles like other bands would but you can bet most of the time Kamaliza is doing the vocals and mmiiddii is on the bass/guitar. The rest comes down to whoever comes up with what. We were lucky to get some drummers/percussionists in for some recording in the form of Miles Thomas and Daniel Neill … who both have last names which could be first names … coincidence?

Of the myriad remixes of “Magic” out there, do you have a favorite(s)?

You can’t make us choose! haha … We were very happy with all of them and can’t wait till someone books us for a DJ set so we can play them out in a club haha. We did get to meet Luke Million when we were in Adelaide and he mentioned his remix got a good crowd reaction when he played it out.

An ATG reviewer made note of the incredibly catchy vocal melodies in your songs. 

Kamaliza usually takes the vocals on board and will workshop them to get them where he wants them … I sometimes help out with melody and lyric ideas if need be

Synthesizer of choice?

My Korg Delta has been getting a lot of use lately

Wallabies fans?

More Socceroos fans … See you in Brazil :)