| December 13, 2012
Interview: St. Lucia

The last All Things Gold of 2012 goes down tonight at U Street Music Hall with Alex Metric, Black Light Dinner Party, Gold Fields and live headliners St. Lucia. Our own Nancy Lu had the chance to ask Jean-Philip Glober, the creative force behind St. Lucia, a few questions leading up the show. Check them out after the jump then buy your tickets to the show. It’s going to be a packed one tonight so grab them while they still last.

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STREAM: St. Lucia – “Closer Than This”

Jean, St. Lucia is technically your solo project but you’re pretty tight with the rest of the band. As St Lucia has evolved, do you find yourself bringing in the other band members into the creative process more?

Jean-Philip Grobler: So far, the beginning of the creative process is pretty much always just me in my studio coming up with stuff. But then, if I get to a point where I feel stuck, I’ll bring other people in to work on it with me. The band is always a part of the creative process, just by the very nature of us playing a lot of the new songs live before they’re released, or before the studio version is finished. Just hearing them being played in that context, and having to be somewhat economical about the arrangements because you only have a finite number of people to play the stuff makes me consider a lot of things about the arrangement differently. You never know how it might go, especially because we’re going to have to be on the road so much together, but right now it’s still mainly me.

If St. Lucia was a person, what would they be like?

JPG: Like me!

Can you tell me about the concept behind the recently released video for “September”?

JPG: I had a few ideas for what the video should be like, but I like to give the director complete free reign with their initial concept, at least. So, we got a whole bunch of treatments in from a lot of amazing directors, and the treatment that was chosen was the one that, to me, best fit the mood of the song and didn’t distract from the music too much. That being said, I think the visuals of the video tell a very strong story even without the music.

How did it come about that the track “All Eyes on You” was used for Victoria’s Secret?

JPG: I wish I could tell you that a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models turned up at my doorstep, but it’s really a very unremarkable story. We were asked if they could use the song, and we saw the commercial, and it seemed to work well and so we went with it. It also seemed like a good idea because it’s not the sort of commercial that’s going to make you change the channel when it comes on.

Last year, we had you guys play our New Noise series at Gibson Guitar Showroom. This time around you’re headlining a show at U St Music Hall. How would you describe what the last year’s been like?

JPG: It might sound cliché’d, and it is, but it was truly a complete whirlwind. So much unbelievable stuff has happened to us, and it’s pretty much like a dream come true. Of course, there are always difficulties along the way, and it’s never as one dimensional as you think it will be, but still, it’s been amazing.

How has your live set changed if at all as you’ve transitioned from smaller stages to bigger sold out venues?

JPG: We really didn’t have much time to make any changes to our first live set until very recently. But I’d definitely say that as you begin to feel that people know your songs more, you can take more liberties and play around with things a bit more. I think all of our confidence on stage is growing a lot, too.

What are you looking forward to the most for 2013?

JPG: I’m really looking forward to being able to finally release the album, and then beginning work on the next one. Being able to, hopefully, go to a lot of places around the world that we’ve never been to, and hopefully be able to play back in South Africa will be awesome. Also, I’m really excited to work on the Haerts album, which I think is going to be awesome, from what I’ve heard so far.