Introducing | February 17, 2014
Introducing: Cardinal Sons


If “Solo” is anything to judge by, the Shirley brothers John, Joe and Dave are going to be spending 2014 crafting some of the most heartfelt pop tunes New Orleans is going to hear this year. This track hit me in a lot of the same places that Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” did, though it’s certainly not as catchy as that 2009 hook monster. What it gives up in toe-tapping rhythms, however, it more than makes up for with gutsier guitars and sweeping keyboard melodies. It’s still incredibly fun and addictive, but it’s meaty as well with John Shirley’s unassuming, easy vocal crooning lines like “‘Cause all my songs are another man’s song, and all my loves just creep along and combust.”

The trio are set to record more material next month, but in the meantime you can pick up this number, and their 2012 EP, on Bandcamp for whatever price you want.

STREAM: Cardinal Sons – “Solo”