| January 18, 2013
Introducing: Eliza And The Bear

There’s some music best listened to while curled up under the covers. Then there’s music like Eliza And The Bear that fills you up with such a sense of manifest destiny, it’s almost a shame the West was won. While their upcoming single release, Upon The North/The Southern Wild, is best listened to while crossing a snow-capped mountain range alongside Lewis and Clark, the London outfit’s inspiring, anthemic folk rock is fit for play anywhere in need of melting away the winter blues. Stream both tracks below and catch the brand new video for the release’s A-Side above.

Eliza And The Bear’s Upon The North/The Southern Wild is set for a February 25th release.

STREAM: Eliza And The Bear – “Upon The North”

STREAM: Eliza And The Bear – “The Southern Wild”