| August 20, 2013
Introducing: Mons Montis


[Insert clever joke about something in the water in the Sweden that keeps creating a seemingly endless supply of uber-talented-yet-mysterious synth pop talent]

Good, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can get down to delivering “Swept,” the debut single from Mons Montis. Comprised of Herman Båverud Olsson, Viktor Paulsrud and Julia Hjertström, and based in Uppsala – which sounds like something the Swedish chef would say if he stubbed his toe, but is actually the fourth-largest city in Sweden (thanks Wikipedia) – Mons Montis have managed the seemingly impossible, but increasingly common: saving the best for first with a crisp, stunning debut. “Swept” is four minutes and eleven seconds of pure bliss, from the Goldroom-esque opening to the 80’s-era (and CHVRCHES-perfected) synth-drum kicks to the game-changing guitar line at the 2:36 mark. If I had the powers that the guys in Chronicle had, my first order of business would be to steal all the string cheese in the world. Shortly thereafter, I’d strap on some old-timey pilot goggles and surf through the clouds with “Swept” on repeat. For now, hitting play below will have to do.

STREAM: Mons Montis – “Swept”