| November 22, 2013
Introducing: The Feather

the feather_Fotor

For fans of Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Lord Huron, you have permission to skip the rest of this post. Just click PLAY on the Soundcloud link below; there’s no way you won’t completely adore what you’re about to hear. You’re welcome.

For those who aren’t yet convinced,  The Feather is the solo project of Dan San’s Thomas Menard. The Belgian musician took the DIY concept to the next level — he sings every harmony and plays every instrument on “What If” and the rest of his recent work, producing and mixing all of those elements into one mesmerizing song. Bookended by wintry bells, “What If” is replete with texture and taste, despite being filled with a number of elements that may seem over the top. Handclaps, harmonies, multiple iterations of your standard four-piece band instruments — it’s all there, and it’s all curated so well that you’ll want to dive into the dreamworld created by this song and never leave. As its name implies, “What If” lends itself to repeat listening; you’ll discover something new every time.

STREAM: The Feather – “What If”