| January 20, 2012
Islands – Hallways

I love islands. I like laying on the sandy shores of islands; I like sailing around islands; I like surfing and building bonfires on islands; and I like listening to Islands. Pretty much everything you do is better when you do it on an island (including listening to Islands). The band Islands sounds just like a musical group from Canada called Islands should sound, mixing a poppy-palm-tree-tropicalia vibe with a dark undercurrent of neurosis and melancholia (a natural cohabitant of Montreal’s long, snow-blanketed winters). But if you’ve got those cold-weather blues (more like deep, endless grays), Islands’ newest track “Hallways” off their forthcoming album A Sleep & A Forgetting is sure to put a pep in your step and boost your spirits. The stomping piano-bass-and-drums tune with a rousing chorus should have you whistling right on into springtime. Enjoy. A Sleep & A Forgetting comes out February 14th via Anti-Records.

STREAM: Islands – “Hallways”

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