Premiere | October 13, 2016
Jackson Reed Shares Debut EP: The November Gales


To anyone who might say it’s impossible to make the quintessential 60s EP in 2016, may we present you Jackson Reed’s The November Gales EP? Not only is the subject matter quite literally about topics pertaining to that time period, but Reed’s voice, caught in the middle of singing and talking, is Dylan-esque with a softer edge. And the songs that aren’t about the 60s aren’t rooted in any one time, but sound like a barrage of nostalgia anyway. Check it out below.

Here’s what Reed had to say about the new EP:

“The November Gales” title came from a conversation I had with Jonas Bonnetta (engineer, musician on the album) about growing up on Lake Superior and the winter surfing opportunities. It sounds like a big band name, which is kind of funny because I’m just a solo musician. The songs are about the 1960s, breaking up with my girlfriend and coming home to the Sault after being away for half a year.

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