New | August 22, 2014
James Blake – 200 Press

James Blake’s residency at BBC’s Radio 1 delivers once again with “200 Press,” a new track from the 1-800-DINOSAUR label head himself. As you’ve probably learned to expect given his low-key-wacko antics thus far, it’s a strange turn for the young auteur, with a stuttering cupped-bell beat, vaporwave funhouse synths and truly creepy vocal ups and downs. What lyrics we at ATG can pick out reference a campfire folksong singalong, for incongruously spooky detail. There’s also some gospel wailing and moaning.

It’s an odd one, but then, the ground he’s covered, from aching acapella to bracing, strobed-out dub burners, it’s not like another left-field drive is that shocking. “200 Press” indicates that the dark, pitched-down corners of the dancefloor still hold fertile territory for his spiky imagination. Blake says the title is a reference to the amount of copies to be released (though this could be another piss-take, given his very hushed, very late-nite-BBC delivery), so stay woke for the release date, itself forthcoming as well.