Video | December 6, 2016
JANE Welcomes the Funk in ‘We Don’t Wanna Dance’

JANE Cover 2

The latest highlight from Los Angeles predicts a new revival. While the predominant style has been 60’s-influenced psych, the figurative years still progress – and up next? Disco. It’s been looming for some time now, with singles here and there teasing sound and aesthetic – but with newcomer JANE, it’s setting up shop. This often ridiculed era has always been underestimated, with groovy hit following mirror-ball trance. His latest single ‘We Don’t Wanna Dance’ follows his other recent ‘Sister’, and is accompanied by a video that wails with ancient furniture and deep colored wallpaper mesmerizing as it is tacky. Remember shag carpeting? Born too late, I say. But that infectious funk will get under those feet in no time. Watch below.