| August 15, 2012
Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

Japandroids‘ second album, Celebration Rock, is a call back to all that’s gritty, dirty, wired, and out-of-control about rock music. It’s fitting, then, that the first video off the album, for “The House That Heaven Built”, is composed entirely of tour footage showing the band and its fans being gritty, and dirty, and wired, and completely, unabashedly, out of control. Each clip on the road is merely an extension of the raucous party at each Japandroids show. The line between musicians and audience blurs in the creation of one performance of frantic, cathartic release. The video is all in stark black and white, matching the website and the packaging of the record, but the mayhem of mosh pits and house parties display life in high relief. Fueled by buzzsaw power-chords and a liquor store worth of booze, it’s hard to watch this video and not immediately search for tickets for the band’s current European tour, or its upcoming fall/winter US tour.

STREAM: Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built”