| December 26, 2013
JJ – My Boyz

“My Boyz,” the new release from Swedish band jj, is introduced with a title card explaining everything that the song and accompanying video are not: a commercial, a single, a cry for help. Well then, what are they exactly? A sprawling, six minute piece that seems intensely personal, a chance for Elin Kastlander and Joakim Benon to vent a little bit. The video is divided into five parts with a prologue. There are flashing strobe lights, quick cut images of Kastlander in glittery eye makeup singing with lamenting melancholy. A man runs shirtless with clownish makeup on, a woman screams underwater, snow falls and flowers glow with neon filtering and then there are glimpses of grainy filtered scenes, meant to evoke happier times.

It’s not entirely clear what it’s all supposed to mean, but when has heartbreak ever made sense?┬áThe music practically drips as piano chords and ambient synths provide a light backing for the tortured vocals. jj are known for incorporating hip hop elements into their music, but there is no drop to speak of here. Maybe there’s something to the idea that the kinds of conflicted feelings that inspired this song don’t really lead to anything concrete. There’s not a hard hitting beat or rhythm to latch onto, and so we’re left drifting, awash in sound and emotion. Check it out above.

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