New | February 10, 2017
Johnny Flynn – Heart Sunk Hank

Johnny Flynn 2

When you first tune into Johnny Flynn‘s latest single you might wonder if your speakers might be malfunctioning. Flynn’s latest single “Heart Sunk Hank” begins with static noise that slowly brings Flynn into the mix, but from a distance; as if you were turning your radio dial around while driving on the open road stumbling onto this song. Flynn’s folksy, yet haunting voice, slowly becomes crystal clear as the static fades and Flynn’s voice cuts through.

That static is a product of when a Voice-o-Graph, one of only two currently working, visited London. Flynn went in and recorded this single on it. “That wavy, crackly recording om this song, ” Flynn describes, “is the recording I made. It sounds like the old Blues records I love.”

“Heart Sank Hank,” is just a prelude to a full-length album (Flynn released the first single ‘Raising the Dead’ earlier this year) that Flynn will release on March 24 entitled Silicone.