New | April 11, 2016
Julianna Barwick – Same (Ft. Mas Ysa)

Some weird spider hid in a cave for 80 years? Same. Billy Corgan wants to micturate on Thom Yorke? Same. A failing presidential candidate can’t stop eating spaghetti? Same. Is it funny? Is it a new medium of self expression? Can we really relate to anything at all? Are the boundaries between ourselves and the external world real or imaginary? Julianna Barwick’s iteration of this cultural lexeme, ft. Mas Ysa, takes some aspect from our collective sharing of ideas and stretches it to anthemic lengths. It sounds like Grouper. It sounds like Ian Williams Craig. But it really sounds like universal appeal to the greatest of humanity’s highlights: expression of the infinite, of something so beautiful that we all experience but aren’t sure if it belongs to us at all. Call it euphoria. Call it divine awakening. It doesn’t matter. Just like me, a month ago, sitting in a crowded room of seated bodies all listening to the same William Basinski loop for 40 minutes, ambient music is life-affirming at its best; it’s a manifestation of our most personal moments into something beautiful that can be shared. In that dark room, we all felt the same, or did we? We all felt something, and for now, that has to be enough.