| July 11, 2012
Justice – New Lands

Good news: The days of syncing up the Tron: Legacy soundtrack with the iTunes visualizer to avoid subjecting your brain to the near-offensive frequency of plot holes throughout the movie are over. That wasn’t just me, was it?

It’s hard to imagine anyone could have done a better job scoring Tron: Legacy than Daft Punk, but if anyone could give them a run for their euros, it’s fellow French electronic duo Justice. The freshly released video for “New Lands” shows a team of futuristic athletes competing in some sort of baseball/lacrosse/rollerball/football/motocross hybrid, in what appears to be an homage to pretty much every movie set after 2030. There are glowing orbs, x-ray goggles, and even a higher dimension of men controlling the action (presumably with sinister intentions, based on their commitment to donning sunglasses indoors). It’s everything Tron wasn’t, which is to say it makes sense. Barely. Take that, Daft Punk.

Check out the A-Trak and DJ Falcon Remixes of “New Lands” below. Justice’s Audio, Video, Disco is out now via Ed Banger.

STREAM: Justice – “New Lands (A-Trak Remix)”

STREAM: Justice – “New Lands (DJ Falcon Remix)”